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EY Center


Sydney, Australia

Principal Use


Design Architect

Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp

Anything about the engineers? Facade consultants?

Permasteelisa’s Group Innovation & Solution Team

Gross Floor Area

43,935 m2 Units SI IP

472,917 ft2

Reason(s) for inclusion

Building Name

EY Center


200 George Street, Sydney

Description / Additional Information

Describe the key innovation and technology aspects of the project

Project Narrative

The EY Centre is one of the most sustainable, avant-garde buildings in Australia, it uses a ‘world-first’ closed cavity facade with an automated timber blind system. The building envelope incorporates 16,000 sqm of the facade system. Incorporating a compact highly transparent double skin facade with integrated, automated natural timber shading devices. The EY Centre’s intelligent facade regulates light and heat, increasing acoustic insulation and promoting thermal efficiency, as well as reducing mechanical equipment capacity, cost, and long-term maintenance.

General Information

Year completed (or major renovation)


Construction Cost


Climate Zone


Building Certifications (check all that apply)

  • Well
  • Green Star (Australia)

External Links

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Other Design Features

Energy Performance

Construction Type

Construction Type

  • Curtain Wall

Main Cladding Material

  • Glass
  • Wood

Approximate WWR (measured from the inside)


Skin Type

Skin Type

  • Double Skin Facade

Geometrical configuration

  • Multi-storey

Ventilation type

  • Closed Cavity

Solar Shading

Solar Shading Strategy

  • Dynamic Exterior Shading

Exterior shading

  • Exterior Movable Louvers or Blinds


Is there natural ventilation through the facade?


Relationship to Mechanical Systems

  • Assisted (both can work simultaneously)



Embodied Carbon

Energy Generation


Description / Additional Information