CBE Facade Map

Supporting the adoption of advanced facade design strategies and technologies

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This online tool was created to allow users to explore design strategies, technologies and features of buildings with advanced, high-performance facades. The project team has sought out examples that demonstrate best practices in terms of performance as well as architectural expression and technological innovation. More background about the project is here.

Criteria for Inclusion 

High-performance facades artfully manage the often-competing requirements for daylight, comfort, view, energy conservation and transparency. For inclusion on the CBE HPF Map, projects must demonstrate excellence in terms of the following criteria: 

Showcasing Integrated Solutions 

Projects should demonstrate a high level of integration, and best practices in at least two these key performance strategies (or alternate compelling ones), and ideally in more than one: 

  • Low Embodied Carbon 
  • Energy Generation 
  • Innovative Insulation System 
  • Daylight Control 
  • Solar Control 
  • Natural Ventilation 
  • Noise Control 

Overall Building Performance 

The facade design must demonstrably contribute to overall building performance in terms of energy efficiency, carbon reduction, sustainability and/or the indoor environment, and must have measured data or third-party accreditation this performance, for example through LEED Platinum, EnergyStar, Passive House, BREAM, LBC, or AIA COTE Top Ten. 

Innovation and Design 

Facade designs demonstrate innovative and integrated solutions that are successful both in terms of technical and/or aesthetic considerations. Such projects are frequently acknowledged with design awards, featured in leading publications, and/or represent key examples from noteworthy design portfolios.  

However, the CBE reserves the right to select each project. 

The facade map is produced by UC Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment (CBE). If you would like to suggest a project for inclusion, please email us at cbe@berkeley.edu.