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Campus North Residence Hall & Dining Commons


Chicago, Illinois / United States

Principal Use


Design Architect

Studio Gang

Gross Floor Area

37,160 m2 Units SI IP

400,000 ft2

Reason(s) for inclusion

Building Name

Campus North Residence Hall & Dining Commons

Description / Additional Information

Describe the key innovation and technology aspects of the project

Project Narrative

Achieving LEED Gold certification, Campus North features an integrated approach to sustainability that emphasizes passive reduction of energy requirements. The buildings are optimized to north-south light, naturally improving the overall efficiency of the entire complex. The buildings’ precast panels offer solar shading and provide thermal mass for a two-way radiant heating slab system, maximizing comfort and allowing the building to operate with reduced mechanical cooling. Using heat mapping technologies, openings in the facade were tuned to balance light, ventilation and comfort.

General Information

Year completed (or major renovation)


Climate Zone


Building Certifications (check all that apply)

  • LEED

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Other Design Features

Energy Performance

Energy Use Intensity (energy consumption per year)

4 kWh/m2/year

43 kBtu/ft2/year

Construction Type

Construction Type

  • Frame Facade Construction

Prevalent Glazing Type

  • single glazing

Main Cladding Material

  • Glass

Skin Type

Skin Type

  • Single Skin Facade

Solar Shading

Solar Shading Strategy

  • Static Exterior Shading
  • fritting systems


Is there natural ventilation through the facade?


Type of Ventilation Strategy

  • Double sided

Relationship to Mechanical Systems

  • Assisted (both can work simultaneously)

Ventilation Operation Type

  • BMS controlled with overrides

Ventilation Control Strategy

  • Based on Indoor CO2 concentration

Area of the building that can be served solely by natural ventilation



Is daylight simulation part of the design process?


Daylight metric(s)

  • DA


Embodied Carbon

Was a carbon assesment of the facade conducted in the design phase?


Energy Generation

Does the facade produce energy?



Does the facade have a dynamic U-value?


Description / Additional Information