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Bloomberg European Headquarters


London, United Kingdom

Principal Use


Design Architect


Anything about the engineers? Facade consultants?

Environmental Engineer: SWECO; Natural Ventilation: Wirth Engineering and Breathing Buildings; Ceiling and Facade Design: Specialist Modeling Team at Foster+Partners

Gross Floor Area

102,000 m2 Units SI IP

1,097,928 ft2

Reason(s) for inclusion

Building Name

Bloomberg European headquarters


309 Queen Victoria St, London, UK

Description / Additional Information

General Information

Year completed (or major renovation)


Climate Zone


Building Certifications (check all that apply)

  • Breeam

External Links

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Other Design Features

Energy Performance

Construction Type

Construction Type

  • Massive Facade Construction
  • Curtain Wall

Prevalent Glazing Type

  • double glazing

Main Cladding Material

  • Glass

Other Cladding Material

Bronze, Portland Stone

Approximate WWR (measured from the inside)


Typical U-value Glazed Facade Elements

1 W/(m2⋅K)

0 Btu/(h·ft2⋅F)

Typical G-value Glazed Facade Elements


Typical VLT Glazed Facade Elements


Typical U-value Solid Facade Elements

0.4 W/(m2⋅K)

0.07 Btu/(h·ft2⋅F)

Skin Type

Skin Type

  • Single Skin Facade

Solar Shading

Solar Shading Strategy

  • Static Exterior Shading


Is there natural ventilation through the facade?


Type of Ventilation Strategy

  • Stack or Atrium-enabled

Relationship to Mechanical Systems

  • Alternative (when natural vent is on mechanical is off)

Ventilation Operation Type

  • BMS controlled with overrides

Ventilation Control Strategy

  • Based on Outdoor Air Temperature

Area of the building that can be served solely by natural ventilation

approximately 70% (virtually all of the open plan office areas)

Occupied hours that the building can be served solely by natural ventilation

approximately 60%


Is daylight simulation part of the design process?


Daylight metric(s)

  • DF
  • DA
  • UDI
  • DGP


Maximum sound attenuation through the facade

45 dB

Sound attenuation through the facade during natural ventilation (if applicable)

30 dB

Embodied Carbon

Was a carbon assesment of the facade conducted in the design phase?


Energy Generation

Does the facade produce energy?



Does the facade have a dynamic U-value?


Monomaterial envelope?


Description / Additional Information

Add any additional private comments for CBE to better understand the project

Bloomberg building has a Breeam Outstanding environmental rating, with a score of 98.5% – the highest design-stage score ever for a major office development. It is designed to use natural ventilation for as much of the year as possible, when outside air temperatures are in the range between 10 and 26 degrees C. The natural ventilation is enabled by automatic openings integrated in the facade in the bronze shading louvers. The outlet is constituted by automated vents atop the central atrium.